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David Lee Pereira is a practicing visual artist whose paintings, illustrations, large scale murals and public installations delve into the fluidity of gender, sexuality and identity exploring these through the recurring themes of dysphoria and interpersonal relationships. Influenced by the work of impressionist and surrealist artists Georgia O’Keefe, Dali and Munch, and paying homage to baroque ikebana and dutch still life, Pereira’s floral expressions range from beautifully brutal to joyous and intimate and are overflowing with symbolism and narrative.


"A flower's fragrance declares to all the world that it is fertile, available, and desirable, its sex organs oozing with nectar.  Its smell reminds us in vestigial ways of fertility, vigor, life-force, all the optimism, expectancy, and passionate bloom of youth.  We inhale its ardent aroma and, no matter what our ages, we feel young and nubile in a world aflame with desire."
-  Diane Ackerman,  A Natural History of the Senses, 1990, p. 13

For all enquiries, purchases, private or public art and representation contact via email


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